The Mission of Living Word...

Living Word is a church “Where the Word of God Comes Alive”.  We are a bible teaching and preaching church with a welcoming spirit. We invite you to enter to worship and exit to serve! 

Our Mission is to "Empower the Community by Exalting the Savior, Equipping the Saint, Evangelizing the Sinner, and Enlightening Hearts and Minds to the Glory of GOD". 

The Three Pillars of Ministry at Living Word

To empower our church and community we use a 3-pillar focus addressing: Housing and Homelessness, Mental Wellness, and Community Engagement. We seek to apply the unchanging principles of God’s Word to the pressing problems of modern life, exalting our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Housing & Homelessness

We have rental properties in the community, including an apartment complex dedicated to providing housing for Veterans and low-income families. Our goal is to create a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals and families can thrive. We are committed to offering not just housing, but also support services and resources to help our residents lead fulfilling and dignified lives.

Mental & Physical Wellness

Our Mental Health & Wellness Hub provides a supportive environment for individuals seeking assistance with their mental well-being. Small group sessions offer a sense of community and understanding, allowing participants to share their experiences and learn from one another in a safe and non-judgmental space. In addition, one-on-one sessions with therapists offer personalized support tailored to each individual's needs, ensuring a confidential and empathetic setting for exploring and addressing personal challenges.

Community Engagement

We are a church invested in our community by being involved in boosting the respect for people in the area. We believe that by joining forces and working together, we can accomplish more. We tap into the community's resources and skills to empower and improve the well-being of our neighborhood. This helps us make a positive difference and create a strong sense of unity and pride in our community.

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