Young Adult

Ministry Leader: Sherry Williams & Minister Ronnita Baker


Rooted in our congregation's dedication to partnering with diverse communities to build strong relationships leading to sharing the truth about Jesus. We seek to equip young adults with knowledge by providing them with a non-judgmental, open and safe space to feel free to be authentic, transparent, and relatable.


This ministry is composed of a diverse group of individuals, typically in their twenties and thirties, who come together to form a community. They are united by their shared beliefs and values, and they often engage in various activities such as volunteering, organizing events, and participating in discussions and study groups. The members of this ministry often come from different cultural and religious backgrounds, contributing to the richness and diversity of the community. Their gatherings and meetings provide a space for spiritual growth, mutual support, and the exploration of faith-related topics. The ministry may also extend its outreach to the broader community through charitable initiatives, educational programs, and outreach efforts, aiming to make a positive impact beyond its own members.

Gathering Location:

Christian Community Church- 2111 N. Kitley, Indianapolis, IN 46219

Gathering Times:

Sunday School - Sundays 9:15- 10 AM

Bible Study- 1st & 3rd Mondays, 7 pm on Zoom

Monthly Movies & Discussions: 1st Fridays, 7 pm

Monthly Outings & Outreach- 3rd Saturdays

Connect with us:

Instagram: @ya_ministry_indy


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