Drama Ministry

Ministry Leader: Evangelistic Rhonda Wells

The Word of God is brought to life through various artistic expressions such as theater, music, dance, acting, art, singing, stage performances, and film. These creative mediums provide a platform to convey biblical narratives, themes, and messages in a visually compelling and emotionally engaging manner. For example, theater allows for the enactment of parables and stories from the Bible, while music and singing can capture the emotional essence of spiritual themes. Dance and acting can physically embody the message of faith, and art can visually depict biblical scenes and concepts. Stage performances and film can bring these elements together to create immersive and impactful experiences for audiences. Embracing and employing the arts as a means of spiritual expression can serve to encourage some to explore and deepen their own relationship with God by presenting the timeless truths of the Scriptures in a contemporary and relatable manner.

Not interested in being on stage: we need people willing to build sets, set up props and backdrops, and solve any technical problems during the shows. If you love theater and are good at hands-on work, contact Rhonda (317) 372-3848.

Ministry Rehearsals: Saturdays, 2:30-4:30 pm