LOL- Ladies of Light

Women Ministry Leaders: Rita Goodridge & Pam Watts

We are a community of women who are dedicated to living authentically and supporting each other while keeping Jesus at the center of our lives. We believe in the power of genuine connections and the importance of faith in every aspect of our lives. Whether you are a young women navigating the challenges of early adulthood, a seasoned individual with a wealth of life experiences, single, married, divorced or widowed, we are here to embrace and connect with you. Our aim is to create a space where women from all walks of life can come together, share their journeys and support each other in their faith and life experiences.

Meetings: Every 2nd Monday 6 pm- Food & Fellowship 6:30 pm- Bible Study Discussions

Meeting Location: Christian Community Church- 2111 N. Kitley Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46219