Ministry Leaders: Minister Andre and Angela Denman


LWBC Youth ministry exists to empower youth to worship, to fellowship, to serve, to evangelize, and to be disciples wherever they go.

Infant - 3 years old

Children are considered to be a precious gift from God, and this sentiment is echoed in the teachings of Jesus, who emphasized the importance of allowing children to come to Him and learn from Him. Due to space constraints, infants and children up to 3 years old are accommodated in the sanctuary during worship services, where they can be close to their parents. This arrangement allows families to worship together while ensuring the safety and comfort of the youngest members of the congregation. The church believes that by providing a space for infants and young children within the sanctuary, it fosters an environment where families can worship as a unit and instill spiritual values in their children from a young age. This approach also allows parents to participate in the service without the worry of their children's well-being, creating a sense of inclusivity and togetherness within the congregation.

Children ages 4 -12 years old

Children aged 4 and older who have been potty trained up to the age of 12 are encouraged to join the Youth Church, which is a vital component of the LWBC Youth ministry. The ministry is dedicated to equipping young individuals to actively participate in various aspects of their faith journey, including worship, fellowship, service, evangelism, and discipleship. During the 10:30 am worship service on Sundays, the children engage in dynamic and interactive lessons tailored to foster a deeper connection with their faith and the teachings of the Bible. Furthermore, on the last Sunday of each month, these children play an active role in the main church service held in the sanctuary, allowing them to integrate and contribute to the broader church community.

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