Serving is a distinctive and integral aspect of our church community. It is a reflection of our belief that God has bestowed upon each of us a diverse array of gifts and talents, all of which are intended to uplift and strengthen the body of Christ. This understanding encourages us to embrace and celebrate the unique contributions that each individual brings to our community. It also fosters an environment of support and collaboration, where members are empowered to use their specific abilities for the betterment of the church as a whole. This recognition of diverse gifts and talents underscores the value of every individual within the community and promotes a sense of inclusivity and unity.

Form to Volunteer to Serve

In the Church

Children, Youth, Young Adult, Women's Men, Drama, Music, Usher Ministries

In the Community

Cultivating Communities, Evangelism Team, Food Pantry, Homeless, Mental Health & Wellness Ministry, Prayer Team,

In the World

Evangelism Team, Prayer Team

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